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What does the initiative say?

The People's Initiative tears up the blank check given to the government by establishing a ceiling on government income+debt and by placing control of the ceiling in the hands of the people.

In everyday terms, the initiative says that the government must live within its means, and those means will be determined by the people because the people foot the bill.

As a result, the initiative will put an end to the blank-check era of government spending: no longer will legislators be given a blank check to pay for extravagant spending for the ostensible benefit of the people.

To see the initiative text, click "Initiative" in the header. Note that in the initiative I refer to government income+debt as the price of government — the price that the government, as a monopoly, imposes on the people as a result of the blank check. Also note that the price of government is defined as a fraction of the state gross domestic product so that it can grow with the income of the state economy, though the people can reduce the fraction as low as they wish over time.