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What is going wrong?

Government grows without restraint because in ratifying the constitution, the people have given government a blank check.

Think about it: if you were hired to perform a lifetime job and you were given a blank check, what would you do?

You would probably do as all modern legislatures do: they never cease to think of more jobs to perform for the people, so they drive up the size and cost of government without limit, all the while claiming that they are helping the people.

Legislators may think that they are helping the people, but the truth tells another story: since government is a monopoly, its performance on any domestic task will never rise to excellence because government suffers from deficient motivation due to lack of competition.

Note that the concept of excellence refers to product utility, namely, product benefit minus product cost. In providing a product, a private business must not only meet the quality standards of the customers, but it must achieve this quality at a relatively low price in order to be competitive. Government lacks the competitive incentive because, as a monopoly, it lacks competitors.