LetsTearUpTheBlankCheck.com - Petition - Notes

From Steve O'Donnell, Managing Director
CEO Capital LLC

If you're like me, you get exasperated with the poor performance of the state government in numerous ways, such as performance of the public schools. Don't you wish that you could stop throwing your money down the drain through the payment of taxes? Don't you wish that you could thereby send a message to the government that it needs to earn your patronage through outstanding performance, just as any other business must do? Unfortunately, since government is a monopoly that can force us to pay taxes, we can't stop patronizing it by switching to a competitor that provides greater product value for our hard-earned dollars.

The People's Initiative will solve this problem through a citizen-controlled ceiling on government income+debt. This hits the bullseye dead center by giving the people direct control of the ability of the government to get their money. This will force the government to become ever more efficient and to stop trying to perform tasks that can be performed more effectively by private businesses, which must provide outstanding product value or go broke. Furthermore, with the people in charge of the ceiling, they will be keen to elect candidates who advocate fiscal responsibility. In this way, The People's Initiative will make the Washington State government fiscally responsible and will thereby set the example for the other states and for the nation.

From Mark Sussman
Ph.D., Aeronautical Engineering, MIT
Retired from career at Boeing
Founder and Director, Conservative Enthusiasts

I believe that many of our Governmental processes, at all levels, are dysfunctional and that, as a result, it is critical that Citizens become more active in overseeing how the government works. Allowing obtuse, complex, 3000-page legislation at the Federal level is not an example of how our Freedom and Republic are supposed to work. Running up multi-trillion dollar deficits and bequeathing this debt to our children is hardly what our Founders intended for us in their virtuoso blueprint for a Free and Just society.

The People's Initiative is an important step in the right direction by bringing the fiscal policy of Washington State back in line with Citizen expectations. The initiative achieves this through the Golden Rule of Governance: the party that controls the gold, makes the rules. We, the People, provide the government its gold, and the initiative gives us control of the ability of the government to get our gold. Unlike past initiatives for fiscal restraint, The People's Initiative has been designed with a unique strategy for permanently making the Washington State government fiscally responsible, so it is the right first step in our ultimate goal of making the Federal government fiscally responsible. The People's Initiative deserves our wholehearted support.

From Jim Rosemary, President
New Tech Web, Inc.

Something missing from all the blather in Olympia about revenues, expenditures, and budgets is the word limits. The People's Initiative is the first commonsense, rational method for limiting state government, and by extension the federal government. It's about time that the government listen to the will of the people as to fiscal limits, rather than subjecting the people to the lack of fiduciary responsibility of a handful of politicians. I heartily endorse The People's Initiative as a way for us citizens to limit the out-of-control state government spending!

From Peter Chopelas
Chopelas & Associates Engineering

The Peopleís Initiative is an outstanding idea whose time has come. It will put the citizens in direct control of a ceiling on the income and debt of the Washington State government. The ceiling will make our lawmakers true public servants accountable to us, the taxpayers, who hire them and pay them. The ceiling will compel our elected officials to serve the citizens at large, instead of special interest groups and their lobbyists.

The initiative will stop out-of-control government spending immediately, and it will achieve this in a simple and straightforward way by giving the taxpayers direct control of the ceiling. This is the simplest, most direct way to stop governmental fiscal irresponsibility, which is threatening to bankrupt the state, drive employers away, and kill jobs.

We, the citizens, can realize these benefits permanently by giving the initiative our overwhelming support, thereby mandating that the legislature approve the initiative as a constitutional amendment. I enthusiastically endorse this initiative.

From Dawn-April Williams, IRT, HHP

The purpose for having a budget is to manage money wisely by spending within our means. This is a concept that the Washington State Government largely ignores, and when they overspend, they force us to pay for their irresponsibility through increased taxes. The results are misappropriated funds, wasteful spending, unnecessary programs, and unwarranted salary increases for government employees.

No more! We, the people, need to remind our legislators that they will be held accountable. Under the Peopleís Initiative, we, the people, will decide how much money will be available for the government to spend through a ceiling on income and debt, and we will be able to rause or lower our ceiling through an initiative process. With the ceiling in place, our legislators will be forced to perform or get out!

From Sam Crager
Patriotic, taxpaying citizen

You and I must balance spending with our limited income. Individuals and families, corporations and non-profits ó all must be accountable to the realities of their checkbooks. The one exception to this rule is a government because, rather than having to compete in the marketplace to acquire more money, as you and I must do, a government can merely vote itself more money. And although we can elect legislators, this limited form of accountability is inadequate, for we have, in practice, handed the legislators a blank check.

The Peopleís Initiative addresses this shortcoming by tearing up the blank check through establishing a ceiling on government income and debt. The ceiling is realistic to the needs of government because it allows government income to grow at the same rate as the income of the economy grows. But the initiative terminates the political incentives to spend without limit because only the citizens can change the ceiling.

Itís time for The Peopleís Initiative!

From Jay Kelley
Servicemaster Building Maintenance

Have you ever tried to count the myriad small businesses that line our city streets? These are the powerful heartbeats that drive our stateís economy as a source of jobs and productivity. Yet, as the owner of a small business, I am incessantly burdened by ever more government taxes, fees, and regulations.

The legislators in Olympia clearly do not appreciate my contribution to the economy as a source of jobs and productivity. Instead, they only want to impose more burdens on me as if Iím an ox to be harnessed and whipped to serve the exalted goals that they conjure up in their smoke-filled rooms.

The Peopleís Initiative provides a new solution to the problem of unrestrained government by giving the people direct control of a ceiling on government income and debt. This will solve the problem by taking the governmentís hands out of our pockets. From now on, the government will get only what we choose to give it. And this is the way that it should be since the government exists to serve us, not the other way around.

From Michael Cummins

It's a shame that things have come to this. But if our elected officials will not spend responsibly on their own, we have a right — confirmed by the Washington State Constitution — to force them to do so.