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All states

Here's info about initiatives for all 24 states that provide an initiative process.

How do you file an initiative and format a petition?

Each of the 24 states has a procedure for filing initiatives and formatting petitions, and this procedure should be explained on the website of the state government.

To find this info, click the following link: USC Initiative and Referendum Institute map. Then click your state on the map, then click "Elections division" in the left-hand menu. This will take you to your state website, and now look for a link that will provide info about initiatives.

What should the initiative say?

I would use the text of my Washington State initiative for every state, but I would tweak the initiative percentage per state so that it is more similar to the initiative percentage already in place for the state. I would also consider adding a spec for geographical coverage if the state initiative process already has one. However, the geographical spec must use legislative districts, not counties, due to supreme court rulings. Also, for a state that allows constitutional amendments via the initiative process, section 2 should be deleted, and the initiative should be filed as a proposed constitutional amendment.

If you'd like me to do this tweaking for you, just send me a request at campaign@LetsTearUpTheBlankCheck.com.