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We didn't get enough signatures in 2010. But 2010 was just our first attempt, giving us a feel for the initiative process. We'll be back again in our effort to solve the problem of making government fiscally responsible.

The year is 2010

The place is Washington State

The economy is ailing

Yet despite the serious reduction in income among the citizens of Washington State, the legislature is raising our taxes.

Doesn't every business wish that it could increase its income merely by voting for the desired increase? There is only one business that can do this: the government. And this is the reason why every modern democracy is fiscally irresponsible.

This is the enduring problem of representative government, and a new Washington State initiative seeks to solve the problem once and for all.

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To find out more about the initiative, please explore, not only this website, but the parent website as well: www.ThePeoplesAmendment.com.

See the Tax Day Tea Party talk on I-1071!

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